Apr 9, 2024

True Brick Fronts on Concrete Garages & Sheds

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True Brick Fronts on Concrete Garages & Sheds

Many of our customers choose our True Brick fronts for their new concrete garage or concrete shed. Available in a range of options as standard. Matching your brick fronts on your concrete garage or shed to your house or other buildings ensures that your building does not look out of place.

Compared to a similar sized brick built garage, a prefabricated concrete structure will cost around half of what the brick building will cost. You don’t lose out on features and can have just about any size, shape or style of garage you can think of. UPVC side doors, front doors and rear doors, double glazed windows, single, double and triple garage doors either electrically powered or manually operated etc… Anything you can have with a brick garage you can have with a sectional concrete garage.

Quality Finish

Our garage systems are built in a tightly controlled factory environment using the very latest high-tech machinery to ensure extremely consistent levels of construction with tightly controlled tolerances and material quality. With traditional brick built garage systems you can’t control the quality of the tradespeople building the garage and are at the mercy of the elements during the construction process which can last weeks. Our highly skilled installers offer a guaranteed high-precision installation service and the fact that installation of the garage itself usually only takes a day minimises the effects that bad weather can have on the construction process.

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